Sewing Gift Ideas from My Christmas Past

When I was a kid, my parents changed my life many times by giving me a sewing machine or sewing supplies so that I could expand my skill set. Thank you Mom for always encouraging me!! Here are a few ideas if you have a fashionable or crafty loved one to enrich their sewing practice.

Gift Idea #1 Sewing Classes!

To get you started, you could always take a class with me- I'll get you on the fast track to sewing. We do offer gift certificates if you would like to offer your loved one a special sewing class to explore their craft in a fun studio environment.

Class Gift Certificates

Fair Fit has gift certificates for those of you who have a friend or family member who wants to learn how to sew, or develop their sewing skills with more specialized education.

Upon purchasing, I'll email you the gift certificate to print out so have something to wrap up and gift to your loved one.

Terms and Conditions for Gift Certificates: Before purchasing, please confirm that the person you are buying the lessons for can attend lessons during the hours I have dedicated to lessons (see above). 

Upon purchasing, you will be emailed your gift certificate. After your friend/family member receives the gift, please have them email me to schedule their lessons.

Gift Certificates must be used within 3 months of purchase. After that, there are no refunds or exchanges.

Gift Idea # 2 Sewing Machines! 

I'm always telling the story in my classes of how I wanted a sewing machine when I was 6 and I asked my mom for one and she gave me a needle and thread and a paper towel. LOL! She was being very smart- testing me to see if I really liked sewing. She did give me my own Kenmore beginner sewing machine when I was 11 and that's how I got started. I LOVED THAT MACHINE! I still remember sitting down with it and realizing how much potential was right in front of me. I started sewing my own clothes right away- I even started my own little side business sewing and selling dolls when I was 16. Believe it or not, I made a lot of money for college doing that. I'll have to tell you that story in a later post. But anyway- a sewing machine is a great gift for anyone at any age. You never know- your seamster might start a business with it too. I recommend this Brother sewing machine to get you started. I teach kids with it, and adults, and I like it because everything is easy and obvious and it has an adjustable speed so when you are just starting out you can increase the speed as your accuracy improves. I have put this machine to the test, sewing with it on a movie for 3 weeks straight and I teach my Beginners Sewing students with it. Its a great starter, and if you want more fashion oriented machines I have more recommendations in my supply store.

One year, my mom bought me a serger for Christmas. I want to say it was when I first moved to New Orleans, I was about 23 years old and I had just started my first clothing line. I had to have a serger to make my seams look professional so that I could start selling my designs in boutiques. It changed everything! Having a serger allowed me to make my clothing more finished and detailed, and it also gave me the ability to sew knits. If you are just starting out and thinking about getting a serger to expand your sewing skill set, please do not go out and buy a complex model that's crazy expensive. And especially don't go out and buy a serger that converts to a coverstitch machine- if you are going that far into knitwear, buy separate machines. When I worked on the movie this summer, those 2 in 1 models were far more trouble then they are worth, and the repair and servicing on them really add up, and so does the set up time switching from one to the other.  Just buy a simple serger, like this Brother serger to get you started. That way you can learn and grow and see if you like the results your serger creates in your sewing.

For our supply store, I have selected the tools I personally use in my studio or machines that I recommend because my students have had success with them. I see a lot of machines, and I have picked out the ones that have seen been the easiest to use for beginners or for more advanced fashion students. 

Gift Idea #3 Beginners Sewing!

If your loved one wants to learn the basics to start their sewing practice, this is the class. I'll have them sewing on the first night. Or if they have a new machine, and don't know how to use it, this class will teach them the ins and outs of how to use their sewing machine to get started on any kind of project.

Gift Idea #4 Books!

I'd have been lost without this guide as my manual. Again, it was a Mom thing- she had this in her library and I would take it out and study it when I got stuck on a project I couldn't figure out. I love this book so much that I included the vintage edition that I have and still use in our supply store. I love this book because its a step by step universal guide to sewing and clothing construction. I didn't have a sewing teacher, I was entirely self taught on books like this- and this book is my favorite!

In conclusion, I hope this post gave you some good information and ideas. If you have any questions about machines please feel free to contact me. I'd be happy to help you find something that will be easy to get you started sewing in 2015.