@fairfit Periscope Live Studio Feed!

Learn with me, right from your phone!

I am so excited about the new app Periscope that was released last spring! I just started using it this week, and I have to admit I am a little addicted ;) Honestly, I haven’t been this excited about using a social media application since the early days of Instagram. 

Why do I love Periscope so much? Because I see the potential to bring you live videos of studio work, tutorials, and insights into our classes and how I teach sewing. This week I gave it a whirl. The first scopes were a little awkward because I’m used to working all by myself, without explaining my process, and it took me a few to get used to being on video. But now I am really getting the hang of it, and I’ve already recorded video of me working on difficult alterations, while explaining to you some of the tips I use to get successful results.


So what is Periscope? 

I'm using Periscope to show you live, what is happening in the studio when classes aren't in session.  Or show you things that happen when other people work with me. Like yesterday, I previewed a project with Becca, where we began the process of sewing her skirt. 

And I showed you the steps I take to slim out a sleeve so that your proportions of your garment look and fit in a flattering way.

If you follow me today, you will get to tune in and see me alter a gown in the studio, and you can watch all the live scopes from yesterday! 

What I love about Periscope is that I can show you tutorials, without having to stop and photograph my entire process. Yes, Periscope is informal- its not like some full on HD high production video. But this is a way for you to get to know me, and see what I’m sewing and learn, and its so accessible. When I'm Periscoping, we can talk to each other live and ask questions. Before to show you a tutorial, I had to photograph the whole process, working from sewing to the camera, and honestly it slowed me way down. In order to accomplish my day, I have to be able to work really quickly to make sure my time is accounted. With Periscope you can work along with me, live, as its happening!

So How Does it Work? 

What you need to do is download the app- It is available on iPhone, but I don’t know if there is a Droid version yet, but I know its coming very soon. Please check, because I’m not sure.

Next, follow me on Periscope - @fairfit


If you already have the app, you can go here and follow me: https://periscope.tv/fairfit/

Then, the next time I scope, you will receive a notification- Andrea Eastin is Live! And you can tune in and watch what I’m sewing, or if I’m dying fabric, or working on a surface design. If you miss the scope, don’t worry, the videos will remain up for 24 hours and you can watch them later.

Here’s a preview of what I did yesterday. Now, its vertical because Periscope is watched on your phone. This is to give you an idea of what its like, and I show you how I safely tear out seams on alterations.

I want you to follow me, because I have plans to be using Periscope frequently to show what’s happening in our classes, or give you video tutorials on things that happen in class. This will be a way for me to share the techniques so you don’t forget them. And this year, Paul and I will be doing lots with video- Persicope being one of the formats.

And the cool thing about Periscope, is you can ask me questions while I’m working. Or send me hearts if you like what I'm sewing and want to know more :) 

Are you on Periscope? Let me know in the comments below and lets follow each other. Let me know if you have any questions!