The Fair Fit Method - How You Benefit from the Year Long Program

I know, a year long series of courses is a big commitment. And I'm springing it on you without months of notice to prepare in advance. Heck, I didn't even know I was going to do this as a full fledged curriculum until I saw the big picture of where we are headed and how my courses will be structured moving forward.

In this post, I want to outline for you all of the benefits you will gain from participating in the year on Fair Fit Method program. I will share with you all of the skills you are going to learn, how your participation will be structured and why you really would want to take the big leap and come along with me for this series of courses and garments that are going to teach you so much and grow your skills exponentially.

You'll also get to hear what former Fair Fit students and testers say about their experience with the method, what they have learned through their experience with the workshops and courses. 

The Fair Fit Method - How You Benefit from the Year Long Program

You get to take all of the classes in order, without the risk of missing an enrollment period

You are officially in the loop with everything happening in the entire curriculum, with first come first serve access on every class in the Fair Fit Method. For those of you who struggle with organization, this is your best bet, as you get access to the entire curriculum in the order each class is held, and you never risk missing a step.

And if the courses get really popular, and fill to capacity, you know your spot is secure!

You Will Make Up to 15 Custom Garments

If you did the entire curriculum, and participate in every course, you will make at least 15 garments! That's a collection, and with that many garments you will be able to try out every sewing method, learn more fit solutions, play with your customizations, and really dig in to making the garments exactly as you want. 

The more garments you make, the more your skills evolve and improve. The likelihood of getting to play with more kinds of fabric, experimenting with pattern and print as well as all of the piecework methods I'm going to teach you will lead you to some show stopper garments. I know from my personal experience and the stories of my former clients that a Fair Fit dress is a compelling piece, which always gets compliments and conversations when you wear it. 

The Fair Fit Method - How You Benefit from the Year Long Program
The Fair Fit dress is a unique learning tool that encourages a creative approach to fashion and fit. If you want to break out of the usual cut and sew approach to patterns, this course will help you find alternative ways to approach your sewing practice. I learned a lot from Andrea’s instruction on draping and I really enjoyed her positive approach. It’s not hard to get a really great fit with this dress and it can be customized in so many ways. This course and pattern is truly one of a kind; a unique and awesome experience!
— Helen Wilkinson

You Learn All 6 Artistic Sewing Methods

Sewing is generally something that you do on your own so it can be difficult to learn new things. Going through this course I learned new tips that I’ll use to improve my sewing and save me time. After doing certain things the same way for a long time learning new ways of doing things really felt like a game changer.
— Bridgit O'Donnell
The Fair Fit Method - How You Benefit from the Year Long Program




In the courses and throughout the curriculum, I am going to introduce you to at least 6, and I may add more, sewing methods that I have personally practiced in my own creative work, and developed for over the last 7 years. You are going to learn new ways that clothing can be constructed, and implement methods of surface design and fabric manipulation that create compelling clothing. 

The fun sewing methods let each sewer experiment with colors, fabrics, stitching patterns, and more. It’s like a choose your own adventure book for sewing!
— Dr. Casey Stannard, PHD
My key takeaway was knowing the freedom that I can customize and do the customization in my own way. Instead of thinking about perfect lines, I was confident to go at this project artistically, which was really fun for me.  After the class now I think I have more confidence to customize and really make something the way I want to make it. I feel like I can take something basic and make it my own.
— Melissa McHugh

You Will Gain Extensive Draping Knowledge, Fit, Proportion, and Pattern Alterations for Your Own Body

I really loved learning the draping! It all made perfect sense once I saw you complete it and the fact that the pieces could overlap really helped. Had the pattern pieces been made to where they had to fit perfectly as in a traditional pattern, that would have changed the skill set needed to start. But I loved learning how to shape it to fit my body.
— Jenny Hall
The Fair Fit Method - How You Benefit from the Year Long Program
In addition to getting a new dress and learning some tips I also got a better understanding of fit. This really helped me to understand why patterns don’t typically fit me perfectly and gave me a lot more confidence in making alterations on other sewing patterns. This course showed me that fit doesn’t need to be something that you struggle with. It taught me that fit is a process that is personal and it is a process that can be fun.
— Bridgit O'Donnell


24/7 Access to a College Level Curriculum Structured, Planned, and Paced to Advance Your Skill

The dashboard is not just a resource for your duration of the class, but the information presented is a timeline you can follow at any time, should you choose to grow and advance in your skillset and tackle a more challenging project each time you revisit the course materials to make another garment. 

It's all planned out for you, where you have a weekly lesson and task to add to your sewing work. Should you hit a busy period, because life does take us a way from our sewing from time to time, you will be able to come back and pick up where you left off, regardless of how long you have been away. 

Absolutely love the dashboard. The videos are a great help, especially the start/stop/sew aspect. Still flying high on the fact that I made something that I actually want to wear!
— Lori Steib

By participating in the year long program, you are ensured you receive all of the courses in order, so that in case you hit a period where you have to step back, you can revisit the program when you are ready and not miss a new pattern release, course, or skip a beat. 


Work with Me for an Entire Year, Learning All Of My Professional and Unconventional Methods

My local students in Louisiana who commit to practice and regular instruction grow incredibly fast, because I create the structures and systems of practice that they need and it'

Because I have worked with a lot of people in the 4 years since I started Fair Fit Studio, I know how to present projects in the right order with consistent lessons to practice so that they don't lose momentum. Many of my students achieve their goals quicker than expected, if they put in their own time and effort and follow the plan I give them.

The Fair Fit Dress course is excellent. Andrea has dedicated a huge amount of time and energy to the patterns and the class materials, and it shows! Her instructions are clear and easy to follow, and she gave me the confidence and know-how to construct a truly one-of-a-kind garment. You won’t find a dress or a class like this anywhere else!
— Kelly Spell
The Fair Fit Method - How You Benefit from the Year Long Program

I'm teaching a program unlike any other. This is the kind of program you can only find here, and as a person who has pursued education most of my adult life and have an MFA, I do teach at a more advanced collegiate level. You will be exposed to information and secrets designers hold close to the vest and can only be found in professional sewing settings.

I'll be sharing with you during the course of a year all of the fit solutions I learned doing professional alterations for television, movies, and private clients. And I have some really innovative and unconventional practices of sewing and design that I've been developing for years, and that will only be taught in this curriculum.


Grow Your Wardrobe Sewing Skill to Better Understand All Garments and Patterns

What you do in this class applies to all of your sewing and garments that you make moving forward. Yes, my pattern and method is unusual, yet, its still based on the foundations of fit and proportion, line and sewing, that will only grow your approach to more conventional ready to wear staples. Many of the testers and students now better understand commercial patterns after learning how to fit and drape for their own body, and testify that now they feel much more confident tackling more advanced wardrobe sewing. 

I was fascinated with how all of the unusual-looking pattern pieces worked together to provide a custom fit. It was fun to work with pattern pieces that each worked independently, but also with each other piece, to fit everyone’s unique body. Going thru the fit process with the Fair Fit pattern made me realize why it’s so hard to get a good fit with typical commercial patterns.
— Marie Rourke

The collection and instruction of the pattern alterations will also only grow with more students, so you will have at your access a resource library to reference when you need solutions in the future.  By participating in each course in the Fair Fit Method, you will have a video and visual library of resources to continue learning and reference for years to come.


Break Outside the Box and Learn and Play with Design

In this program, you can really go for it, because of the nature of how the pieces move on the body, as well as how you can shape and shift them to fit your own unique shape. You don't have to focus so much on the order in which the seams come together, rather you are working in a much different process. You will focus on fit and proportion first, rather than how the construction is planned. 

At first I wasn’t sure whether the fair fit dress was really my style but I liked the dress when I saw it on other people. All of the things I wasn’t sure I liked about the dress ended up being the things that really let me approach the dress in a much different way than I’ve approached garment sewing in the past. The raw edges and the lines of stitching in various places on the garment really allowed me to have a more creative approach when making the dress. I ended up really liking my dress and I’ll definitely wear it. However, I got a lot more out of the class than just the dress.
— Bridgit O'Donnell
In all of the preparation, I had a few doubts, but I trusted myself and knowing that I can make good sewing decisions, trusting my gut really gave me confidence to take on more projects. Now that I have made my first top, I kind of wish I had gone a little more crazy with it and experimented more with the stitching. At first I was nervous and then I realized I can just go at it. 
— Erika Kampden

The sewing and design methods are developed and taught in a way that also allows you to think on the spot, adjusting and applying an idea or a solution as you go, rather than sewing up the garment and realizing you don't like it. With this method, you have more play with the sewing, relating to the lines and thread differently and using it more artistically, as a tool to add visual interest as opposed to just a sewn line. 


You save money and are secured a spot in every class, never missing an enrollment period

The benefit of participating in the program instead of course by course is that you do get an overall discount on the entire curriculum and your enrollment is secure in every course in just one step. Each time a course is open, you are added automatically to the course without having to worry about missing an enrollment period and forgetting to register.  


If you are interested in taking courses in the Fair Fit Method, the next opportunity to enroll begins March 1st 2018. You can visit to learn more and read all about the program and full curriculum. If you want to know right away when enrollment opens again, click the button below and you will receive email updates, articles, and notifications when registration begins.


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