#WORKSPACE WEDNESDAY: Basic Blocks for Pattern Making

Workspace Wednesday gives you a behind the seams look at work, tools, supplies, and processes that I use in the Fair Fit studio. Its also a chance to show what projects I'm working on to develop the Fair Fit Collection or the development of new projects for our students. How do you set up shop? If you have pictures of your sewing space, send them our way and I'll feature your process.

photo by Carolynn Seibert Photography

photo by Carolynn Seibert Photography

Every fashion designer has his or her own set of basic pattern blocks. I made mine back in graduate school when I was at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I worked an entire summer to make all of the basic blocks I would need in order to draft a complete collection of clothing. It was a lot of math, but it necessary to have the building blocks of every collection I make. 

Since then, I've probably developed hundreds of patterns, and broken them up into small pieces, puzzles, conceptual clothing patterns, and more. Once you learn to draft your own patterns and get the experience of how the blocks are copied and then altered to make one pattern after another, you can then have the understanding of how to make anything you want. 

I work every pattern by hand, I grade my patterns myself, and keep a paper draft of each one. How do you like to work with patterns? Do you like to do the process yourself, or is CAD a better approach? Let me know in the comments below.

I'm also doing a special one night workshop for beginners interested in making their own patterns. If you want to learn more, check out my Basic Pattern Workshop, coming up Tuesday, March 3rd.