Learn and Make the Fair Fit Dress


Learn and Make the Fair Fit Dress


Begins March 26, 2018

Live Webinar Orientation: March 27, 6:30 PM

In the second and most extensive course in the Fair Fit Method, Learn and Make the Fair Fit Dress, we will focus on design, pattern fit, and intermediate draping for the top half of your body. This course focuses largely on fit, and will tackle body features and fit approaches to the bust, shoulders, neckline, armholes, torso, and lower back. You will learn an intuitive and playful approach to the draping, learning how designers think through their projects and problem solve all along the way. 

We will be customizing and padding a dress form for your unique size and shape, as well as creating your first dress with the raw finish method so you can learn more about draping and pattern alterations while still making a wearable dress.

Like Learn and Make the Fair Fit Skirt, the draping modules are taught first on the form to demonstrate the principles and how to use the pattern. Then the draping is again demonstrated with an actual student so you see the process of applying the practice in real life. 

This course also includes in depth teachings into pattern fit, alterations, and how it applies to all garments that you wear or make.

Included in this course are also bonus pattern sets for your torso and neckline, so you can further customize your dress and make it as you like. I've also included bonus videos of excerpts from our live workshops with the pattern so you can see even more of the draping process.

You will be able to iterate several different styles of dress from this course, customizing it as you advance and learn more about the pattern. You will have access to an archive of pattern alterations for yourself as well as alterations used by previous students. This valuable module will be a resource for you for many years to come and is updated periodically with more alterations as more students enroll in the course. 

This course teaches you intermediate to advanced methods of fit and draping, and along with Learn and Make the Fair Fit Skirt, is a prerequisite to Fair Fit Method customization workshops offered later in the year. 

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Course Begins March 26th 2018 Concepts Covered: 

  • Understanding the Fair Fit Dress Pattern
  • Cutting Methods for Fair Fit Garments
  • How to Measure the Top Half of Your Body For Draping
  • How to Size and Pad Your Mannequin for Draping
  • Introduction to Pattern Fit
  • Draping for Your Bust, Shoulders, Waist, and Back
  • Dress Sewn Assembly Process for Your First Dress
  • Check Fit Methods and Problem Solving
  • Common Pattern Alterations and How to Execute Them
  • Understanding the Natural Waist to Get the Right Proportion