2018 Fair Fit Method Year Long Program

Copy of THE FAIR FIT METHOD (5).png
Copy of THE FAIR FIT METHOD (5).png

2018 Fair Fit Method Year Long Program



  1. Learn and Make the Fair Fit Skirt - Begins January 2018 (6 Weeks)
  2. Learn and Make the Fair Fit Dress - Begins April 2018 (8 Weeks)
  3. Creating Circle Skirts and Designing with Skirt Bands - June 2018 (3 Weeks)
  4. Learn and Make the Fair Fit V-neck and Sweetheart Neckline - July 2018 - (5 weeks)
  5. Learn and Make the Fair Fit Raglan Sleeve Dress and Top - September 2018 - (4 Weeks)
  6. Fair Fit Sewing Workshop Heirloom Repurpose - October 2018 - (4 weeks)

Each course in the Fair Fit Method is taught through video instruction, with pdf books, the patterns, and supplementary materials to support you through the course work.

The Fair Fit Method opens up new and unexpected pathways for creative expression with its unique and adaptive pattern blocks. One of their greatest benefits is that the pattern is drafted and graded to allow for a more customized and effective fit.  Their unique shapes allow for you to play with the design of each garment, changing up the style lines to create looks from classic to cutting edge.


  • Guided, step by step video instruction of the techniques, methods, and new skills you will learn, workbooks, project patterns and bonus patterns for customizations, and hands on exercises.
  • An introductory live webinar each session to introduce you to the projects we are making, inspire your process, and share the new approaches you will learn.
  • Unlimited, ongoing access to a private course website to view, download, and engage with the course materials, patterns, videos and workbooks.
  • Innovative and accessible lessons on fashion design principles, pattern alteration, and pattern customizations. 
  • Lessons to help you learn the basics of fashion draping while using the pattern.
  • Learn how to use a dress form to fit for your own body.
  • A working timeline to support you staying organized and to ensure don’t get lost in the projects. 
  • One on one email support from me for all students.
  • Lessons and instruction on more advanced garment customization options. 


  • TWO finished Fair Fit garments, one to learn how to fit and customize, and another to play with design and sewing variations.
  • Workbooks and worksheets to help you plan and design your garments, from start to finish while incorporating your own sewing, pattern, and fit customizations.  
  • A foundational perspective into fashion design and clothing customization, pattern fit and alteration, and the opportunity to create custom garments for yourself with my process and system for designing Fair Fit garments. 

By enrolling in the year long program, you get every course, learn every method, and sew all the patterns while gaining expertise from the entire curriculum. 

If you would like a payment plan, please go here and you can choose the option to pay in 12 monthly installments of $97.


When you enroll today, you will receive an email confirming your registration in the program. Be sure to include your best email address, as when each course begins I will be emailing you access to your dashboard and materials, at the beginning of every course duration.

You will receive access to your first course, Learn and Make the Fair Fit Skirt on January 1st, Learn and Make the Fair Fit Dress on April 2nd, and so forth. If you would like to record all of the dates for the courses, please visit the curriculum page here so you can put them on your 2018 calendar. 

Enroll in the 2018 Year Long Program $997

Required Materials and Equipment for All Courses

The Fair Fit Method - Patterns and a Process for Adaptive Custom Design

You will need access to a computer or a smart device and an internet connection strong enough to support video streaming. You also must have an adjustable dress form to participate in this course and access to a sewing machine. Most Fair Fit dresses use up to 5 yards of fabric, and Fair Fit skirts use up to 4 yards, and you will need to buy thread, interfacing, zippers, snaps, or hook and eye closures for most projects. 

Be sure to check our current size range before you enroll, and make sure you are using or purchasing a dress form that corresponds to your measurements. 

Upon registration, you will receive an email to set up log in and password to access your course dashboard. The course will begin January 1st and all modules will unlock on that day, with our guided timeline starting that week as well. 


If you are unhappy with the program for any reason, you will have an option of a no questions asked refund within 10 days of January 1st at start of the course and program. After that, no refunds or exchanges are provided due to the digital nature of the program.