Andrea Eastin Fair Fit
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Hours and Location

Fair Fit Studio is located at the Settlement in the Bocage : 7809 Jefferson HWY Building G.

Hours are by Appointment Only

Making clothing should be thoughtful. Our clothing helps us to convey our unique perspectives and identities. It truly is a language that communicates our roles, thoughts, and day to day purpose. 

about fair fit

The Fair Fit clothing line is defined by hand-dyed, cotton garments with minimalist silhouettes sewn into complex constructions. A reporter once described Fair Fit dresses as if Mad Max and Laura Ingalls Wilder had a daughter, this is what she would wear to prom. Being from Iowa, I love cotton for its softness, strength, and utility. I love basic garments, but wanted their construction to not be so basic. This design decision creates the formula for Fair Fit surface and construction.