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October 15, 2019

Thank you for stopping by! I just wanted to post a quick update for those of you who are new and interested in scheduling a lesson. My husband and I are expecting our first child in November, and I am officially on maternity leave from now until January 2020. You can still browse the types of lessons that I offer, and I will respond to any email questions that you have.

If you are interested in private lessons for your area of sewing and garment design interest, please contact me. I keep a waiting list and can let you know when spots become available when I start back in the new year. You can just shoot me an email and I will keep you posted.



Absolute Beginner:


Learn How to Sew and Use a Sewing Machine $75/lesson

Do you have a sewing machine just sitting in the closet, maybe even still in the box, because you don’t know how to use it? These lessons are designed for the absolute beginner. You will learn how to operate and control your sewing machine, working through varieties of sewing techniques, basic seams, and construction skill sets help you learn essential construction concepts for beginners.

Pattern Making:

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Learn how to design and draft your own sewing patterns $85/lesson

In my private pattern making lessons, we start by learning how to measure the body to create your first 5 blocks, some call them slopers, or base patterns. In future lessons, you will learn how to draft these 5 patterns, the front, the back, the sleeve, and the front and back skirt, are used to draft all subsequent designs moving forward. A good base, made to your measurements, will create a better fit. And should you fall in love with pattern making, you will learn how to draft your own custom patterns from the 3 main principles - dart, fullness, and contour

Pattern, Fit, and Alteration:

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How to Customize and Alter Sewing Patterns for Your Body $85/lesson

If you talk to any experienced sewist, as they progress in their sewing, the biggest hurdle that presents a major challenge is learning how to make a sewing pattern fit. In this type of lesson, we problem solve your most common fit problems, learning to alter patterns or existing clothes. For those who want to delve further, in future lessons we can build a customized dress form for your body to use in your at home sewing practice.

Aspiriing Designer:

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Design Clothing and Collections from Start to Finish $75/lesson

Are you interested in the fashion industry, and want to learn how to make clothing and draft patterns, but don’t necessarily want to go to college full time? Private lessons are a great alternative to full or part time schooling. You'll experience the opportunity to explore design ideas you are passionate about on a flexible schedule. This type of lesson is also an option for clothing entrepreneurs who need in the know support and skills to apply their ideas to actual, wearable designs.

Personalized Sewing Lessons:

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Private In Person Sewing Lessons $75/lesson

Learn how to sew, or to grow your existing skills with more advanced methodologies. My private sewing lessons are available to sewing and clothing enthusiasts who are committed to growing their skill set and want personalized instruction in their unique areas of interest. With private lessons, you work with me one on one, working at your pace and on your schedule towards your unique goals. When you sign up for lessons, I will consult with you to help create a lesson plan for what you want to learn. Scroll below to learn more about the types of lessons I do, and see the types of topics other sewists have tackled in their lessons.

wardrobe Sewing:

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Create and Construct Your Own Clothes $75/lesson

During your one-on-one lessons, you'll work with and receive instruction from an expert in sewn garment construction and receive help with more advanced wardrobe sewing projects like shirts, dresses, skirts, pants, jeans, lingerie, and more! Creating custom plans for intermediate sewists is a specialty of mine, and I have curriculums to help you advance and focus on your process of growth and improvement in your sewing practice.

Sewing Patterns for Beginners:

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Learn how to read, use, and follow a sewing pattern $75/lesson

This lesson will teach you an introductory understanding of how sewing patterns work. Are you intimated by sewing patterns and don't know where to begin? In this class, we will discuss commercial patterns and online pdf patterns. I will teach you how to read them, how they fit, some clues into how to make them fit better, and the best cutting practices to apply before you start a sewing project.

Online Private Lessons

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At a Distance Learning $50/lesson

For students who can't meet with me in person, and want instruction in fit, pattern making, garment construction, fashion design or consulting. We will use Facetime or Google Hangeouts, your choice! These lessons are 30 minutes and are best suited for intermediate or experienced sewists.


If you prefer to purchase private lessons in packages, or prefer another payment option to PayPal, please follow this link to register.