See what our students are saying about our classes.

I’ve always wanted to learn how to design and sew my own clothes but I didn’t know where to start. Beginner’s classes elsewhere seemed to be more geared towards baby clothes and quilting, projects I wasn’t interested in. For Christmas, my friend Rose and fellow fashion enthusiast gave me Fair Fit Beginning Sewing lessons. Now I’m that much closer to making my desire to make clothes a reality. (Thanks Rose and Andrea!)

Now I feel like I have a grasp on basic stitching and seam techniques and I’m excited to practice and fine tune those skills. Andrea’s enthusiasm and vast knowledge of sewing, fashion, tools, and textiles. I also like the bag we made in class. Not only was it super cute, It gave me a sense of accomplishment while practicing the sewing techniques taught in class.

Definitely take a Fair Fit class. You will learn to get comfortable with your sewing machine and learn fundamental sewing techniques. You will also come home with a finished project and will be pumped about learning more!
— J. C
I had no idea where to begin sewing, but I definitely wanted to learn a way to make my own clothes. When I went to the beginner sewing class, I bought my machine in the original, unopened box! Andrea taught me everything I need to know about my machine. I really enjoyed making a skirt in the Intro to Clothing class and the sense of accomplishment from learning a new skill and making something I could actually wear. I feel much more confident in my skills and I am now working on my own sewing projects.
— Ashley M.
What I like most about Fair fit classes how welcoming and warm the studio feels. It is a great place to be creative and have instruction from someone who has knowledge and passion about the art. During the classes I’ve taken, I’ve learned tools that have simplified the construction process and helped with my technique. Taking a class has given me the opportunity to venture into different areas of sewing and it has been a wonderful experience.
— S. Newcomb
I have been wanting to learn to sew for a few reasons. I wanted to create something to call my own. I find the quality of store-bought products have decreased. And, I’m always in admiration of creative people.

The environment at Fair Fit was warm, friendly, and comfortable. I enjoyed the intimate setting and felt comfortable asking questions. Andrea is a natural teacher and obviously an expert at her trade.
— S Powell
I registered for Fair Fit classes because I love to wear sleeveless dresses and it kills me to pay retail when the dress looks so simple to make. So I took the Intro to Clothing class and actually wore the skirt I made to work!! Then I signed up for the Shirt Class and it was so much fun and I learned so much more than I already knew from my home ec classes in high school. Andrea shares great tips and tricks of the trade like the French seam that in a million years I never thought I could do. Oh and by the way, I wore that shirt too! Then I took the pattern class which I think was my favorite class. Now I can make my favorite dress over and over again because I have my own custom made pattern for my size. Just makes sewing a breeze. And so much fun! I felt like I was on Project Runway without the drama! J It’s addictive! I can’t wait to take another class!

I feel tons more confident like I can actually sew anything I want, and what I like most about Fair Fit classes is that they are like private classes specifically for me but with 4 other people in the room. Each person gets so much attention and then you learn from others in the class because of the type of project they are working on.
— Dana McKearn
I have a little girl that loves to play dress up. I wanted to learn to sew so I could make basic things for her- capes, sparkly skirts etc. I heard about Andrea with Fair Fit through a friend and immediately signed up for her Beginners Sewing class. It was perfect for me! 2 Wednesdays in the evening and I was sewing! The classes are very small so you get a lot of individualized attention. After the class I started my own project. I did pretty well on my own but had a few questions along the way. Andrea answered them all and was happy to do so. I cannot recommend Fair Fit enough.
— B. Daigle
I loved this Beginning Sewing and was soon hooked, taking many to follow, including a private lesson or two. This is the first of many classes you will feel compelled to take at Fair Fit. Who knew that learning to sew, design patterns, and acquire construction techniques could be picked up with such ease in a non-intimidating and super fun environment.
— H. Perlis
I have taken 3 Fairfit classes, and have learned a new technique in each class. Previously I did things the hard way. After sewing for years I realized that ready to wear skirts had a curve down the sides to make them more fitted. I decided to curve a side on one of my projects. OMG – what a process of drawing, counting inches, fixing and refixing the curve. In 1 single Fairfit class, I learned the importance of the right tools. What had taken a few hours to do on my own, I learned a process that would take less than 5 minutes. Not only have my newly acquired skills improved my craft, they save me tons of time and make me excited about sewing again.
— C. Jones
I wanted to learn how to sew because when I’m out shopping, I constantly want to alter or change clothes I see. I love fashion and believe you are what you wear :). I love seeing people dressed in tailored, beautiful clothes and I hope to make something beautiful one day.

I liked how easy Andrea is to get along with, she makes you feel comfortable no matter your sewing level. I also enjoyed learning tricks and shortcuts. The small size of the class also helps to learn.

After taking Intro to Clothing, I feel that sewing is definitely something I can learn. After the class I felt like I learned a new language. The more I learn, the more I can do. I actually made something on my own at home after taking one class!
— Jolie May