If you are new to sewing, and just found me, here are my best resources to get you started learning how to sew and make your own clothing. 

The Simple Steps to Start Sewing, is a free email course that is 6 lessons to prime you for your learn how to sew journey. In this course, I help you learn all of the best tools, resources, and practices that a new sewer must know to set up a successful practice.

In my post, Be Successful in Your Craft, will teach you practices to set up in your life so you actually get to your sewing with time to enjoy it.

And Help Me Get Started in Fashion Design is an article all about developing your own perspective as to why sew what you can already buy. Its super important, because sewing your own clothing is a thoughtful path.

Enjoy, and keep in touch with me! Let me know how it goes :)