Me Made May 2017 #MMM2017 - Week One Round Up!

Now that my wardrobe is 90% self sewn, I think of it as a work of art, a portfolio that I accomplished over the course of last year. Looking back, and then considering how I now experience my wardrobe everyday, I am so incredibly happy. I love my clothes, and they are so well made, and well considered, and curated, that finally I feel confident and authentically in my personality when I get dressed each day. So now that its Me Made May, I am participating by posting about the process of making this wardrobe on my instagram, @fairfit, as well as sharing with you some of the lessons I learned along the way.

Are you designing a handmade wardrobe? Here's a peek at how I built mine. Now that my wardrobe is 90% self sewn, I think of it as a work of art, a portfolio that I accomplished over the course of last year.

My friend Lily Brooks at Dovecote Studio is trading me sewing lessons in exchange to document my Me Mades. It made me feel like I was able to document my art project of sewing my self sewn wardrobe in a way that was archival and honored the work it took to create it. Thank you Lily! 

This post is a brief roundup, but look for next week a more indepth look into sewing Victory Patterns Jackie Dress. I'll have some clear elastic and knit sewing tips for you. Are you participating? Let me know your instagram so I can see your Me Mades too!

Me Made May Day 1 - Fair Fit Dress with Raw Sewn Finish

#MMM2017 Day 1 Fair Fit Dress

This dress was made from a cotton repurposed sheet that I hand dyed in the primary and secondary color. The primary color looks like its mauve, but it was actually dyed chocolate brown, and the pink in the brown became more dominant when it was dyed with medium saturation. The only drawback to using the sheet, is I'm never quite able to press all the wrinkles out, but I don't really care that much! I love giving the fabric a new purpose and this dress is so comfy to wear. 

Me Made May Day 2 - Fair Fit Top with Surface Design Strips and Megan Nielsen Brumby Skirt

#MMM2017 Day 2 Fair Fit Top

Haha!! Keeping it real- I look all frumply in this shot, but its been raining like crazy in Louisiana, and this week is particularly humid. And I sat in front of the computer all day, which happens when I have a lot of admin work to do for Fair Fit. However, this is a shot of my favorite Brumby Skirt by Megan Nielsen and my Fair Fit Top that I made from repurposed strips of pants I made and dyed for my husband. When he outgrew them, I could not bear to part with the cloth, so I made it into a Fair Fit capsule collection that you will see more pieces from this month. 

Me Made May Day 3 - Victory Patterns Jackie Dress

#MMM2017 Day 3- Victory Patterns Jackie Dress
#MMM2017 - Day 3 Victory Patterns Jackie Dress

I love Victory Patterns. Her pieces are like my high fashion sews. I was waiting for just the right time to wear this dress, and having Lily photograph it was the best opportunity. Its all stretch poly jersey, and I learned a lot sewing it. As I mentioned, look for that post next week as part of my Me Made May Series.

Me Made May Day 4 - Fair Fit Raglan Dress Repurpose

#MMM2017 Fair Fit Raglan Dress Repurpose

Okay, here's a sneak peek at a dress I made last week, and I will wear next week too. It a repurpose, of a repurpose. I'm calling this method, "heirloom repurpose." More details to come- I definitely want to share this creation and how I made it with you. 

Me Made May 2017 Day 5 - Me and Paul in our Fair Fit Me Mades!

#MMM2017 Paul and Andrea Eastin of Fair Fit Studio

Me and my best friend! My Paulie <3 I made him get in the shot with me because he makes his own clothes too! His jeans are his own self drafted pattern- the man can design some hip jeans. And that shirt- same- and its made from a fabric I ice dyed for him. I just had to share! He has to make all his own clothes from self drafted patterns, since, he desires a certain level of hip that is just not found in menswear too often ;)


That's all I have for today, but we are just getting started. Follow me on instagram @fairfit if you are on there, and let's see your me mades too!