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Fair Fit Spring/Summer Dress Collection - Megan's Dress and How I Designed Dress 7

 I can't wait to share Megan's dress with you today. In the development of the Fair Fit Method, and all of its courses, I am continuously testing the course with experienced makers in order to make sure my instructions are clear, the pattern is refined, and add more explanation that is helpful as the course grows and develops.

Megan is an experienced fashion design PHD student at LSU, and I had the intention of working with her during her winter break for over 6 months. She was highly recommended by my friend Dr. Casey Stannard, and when Megan agreed to test the course and work with me during the winter to add some finishing touches on the course work I was thrilled. 

In today's post and video, I break down the process of design for Megan's dress, and our final dress in the Spring/Summer Fair Fit Dress collection. 

Fair Fit Spring/Summer Dress Collection - How I Designed Dress 5 and 6

Fashion really can't be copyrighted most of the time, even though there's been many battles fought for it.

It's hard to copyright fashion design because clothes are designed from the same basic shapes that get changed over the years to adapt to trends. And the shapes go back 100's of years, so who really owns them? A wrap dress could be said to mimic Roman or Egyptian dress. When you really look at enough patterns, and sew up enough garments you start to see that they are consistently derived from the same blocks and shapes over and over again. So where does innovation occur?

In this week's post, I discuss adding design ease and customizing the pattern to incorporate sleeves. Watch the video and read the full article to learn more.

Fair Fit Spring/Summer Dress Collection - How I Designed Dress 3 and 4

I know this isn't the most fun way to do it, but a lot of the time planning out a me made wardrobe usually comes down to the math for me!

When I was composing the latest Fair Fit collection, I focused on lifestyle design. Dress 3 and 4 in the collection provided me the opportunity to consider and create garments using the Fair Fit Pattern that could feasibly be worn in a work setting. I know that we dress for different kinds of work, so I had to choose a type of environment, and for this part of the collection I focused on office professional/business casual attire.

In this week's blog post and video, I break down the thought process I used to design dress 3 and 4, as the considerations of how the dress layers with other garments in order to style it for specific purposes and environments. 

Fair Fit Spring/Summer Dress Collection - How I Designed Dress 1 and 2

In today's post, I wanted to show the process of making the Fair Fit Dress Collection for Spring and Summer 2018 a little more in depth. I'll focus on just the first two designs featured in the video and the process of collecting items from previous work and collections to use for repurpose. I also made a short video that breaks down the dresses, showing their previous incarnations, with a quick demonstration of the thought process of repurpose and redesign that I used to create these 2 new garments. 

Calling all Cardigan Lovers! Get Lovely and Layered by Making Your Own Knits.

It's cold out! Need an extra layer? Get ready to make this seasons trend- the long and lovely cardigan. I put myself to a time test on this one- how long does it really take to make a knitwear weekend project? I estimated an hour, do you think I made it? Read along to find out what happened. In this post you, learn more about sewing your own knits and making time for your projects.