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Find Your Best Colors: How to Use Color Draping to Create a Custom Color Palate

Are you at a loss when it comes to color? Check out this color process and workbook to discover and create a customized palate for your wardrobe, sewing, or fashion collections. This color tutorial will introduce you to colors you may have never considered. I’m going to use what I made for my wardrobe sewing practice and you might find it helpful too! 

Problem Solving in Fashion Design: Learn How to Design Fashion Using Problem Solving Principles in this Free Workbook

At first glance, problem-solving and fashion design may seem completely unrelated. But after reading today’s post, you’ll see how every “problem” in fashion design is a unique opportunity to create garments that are as functional as they are beautiful.
In today’s post I cover:

  • How I used problem solving when developing the original Fair Fit project…

  • How to create purposeful designs as an aspiring fashion designer — even if you’re a complete beginner!

  • The most common “problems” you’ll encounter in fashion design and how to “solve” them in your designs…

How to Find Your Design Voice: Learn Fashion Design Principles for Beginners

If you’ve ever wondered, “how can I become a fashion designer?”, today’s post will shed light how fashion designers create compelling works of art and what you can do TODAY to get started designing your own meaningful designs.
In today’s post I share:

  • How you can start expressing your authentic voice through fashion design — it all starts by discovering what’s most important to you…

  • How to bring more meaning to the clothing you create by digging into the purpose behind your design…

  • My 3-step design process for beginners — if you’re an aspiring fashion designer wanting to go beyond the basics and get into the “why” behind the clothes you make, this process will help you get started… today!

Inside the blog post, you’ll find ways to help you get started on the 3-step design process for beginners right away!