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5 Lessons Learned from Building a Creative Business in 2016

I’ve heard it said, creating your own business is like the biggest exercise in self development you can take on. In this post, I want to share with you some of the key lessons, situational takeaways, and solutions to problems that I learned in 2016 while growing a creative business. Because building a business is a creative act, just like building a shirt, building a wardrobe, building a family, relationship, or friendship. Its an act of making, and I feel like a lot of these lessons are helpful even if you aren’t running a small business yourself. They apply to any creative thinker, project or endeavor. People email me and tell me, “Hey Andrea, you know how to get things done.” Well, trust me, I’m not special or have some secret super power (magic wand). I have strategies. Let’s dig into some of those today :)

Be Successful in Your Craft

Committing to your creative practice is one of the best investments you can make. Even if learning to sew is just a hobby for you, in today’s post you’ll learn how committing to your practice will help you get the most out of your investment.
In today’s post I share:

  • A behind-the-scenes look at why 2015 was so incredibly stressful for me as a creative professional… and the big lessons I learned about the importance of commitment and focus…

  • Why commitment is so important as a beginner learning to sew — even if sewing is just a hobby for you…

  • My step-by-step method for finding the time and committing to a project… PLUS get a free worksheet that walks you through the entire process of developing a creative project BEFORE you sit down to sew…

Professional Practices : My 10 educational and business investments that paid off exponentially.

Last month, in my last professional practices article, I discussed 10 ways that I created income streams that paid off my student loan debt in 2 years. I also mentioned that it took a lot of personal and professional development to create the necessary mindset to even think of these ideas! While I am very fortunate and grateful to have the education that I do have, I invested in several other education programs and services to grow Fair Fit. Today, I share with you these resources, programs, and people who helped me learn the personal and business practices that are prospering me now. They might be good resources for you too!