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A #FairFitDailySew Update

I created a Fair Fit Daily Sew challenge for myself and a few students who were really interested in sewing, but needed a way to find time for their practice after I read a post by sewing blogger Christine Haynes about finding time for your sewing. I decided to give it a try and see what happens. Here is what I learned about the process and some steps for moving forward. 

The Basic Smock Dress- Working with Japanese Patterns

I've got another great weekend project for you! This one is for sewists looking for design inspiration and a more advanced project to improve your skills. In this post, learn all about working with Japanese Patterns and what you need to look for when working with this type of design. I will show you my process of working with the pattern, how to make it fit, how I sewed its details and finishing. Read along and get the tips I use to make the process easy and efficient. 

How to Shorten your Sleeves

You don't have to be stuck rolling up your sleeves because every shirt you buy is too long. I know this is one of the most common yet, challenging alterations to tackle. But once you know how to do it, its so rewarding to get your shirts to be their proper proportion. In this tutorial, I'll teach you how to shorten your sleeves and rebuild your plackets and cuffs.

Calling all Cardigan Lovers! Get Lovely and Layered by Making Your Own Knits.

It's cold out! Need an extra layer? Get ready to make this seasons trend- the long and lovely cardigan. I put myself to a time test on this one- how long does it really take to make a knitwear weekend project? I estimated an hour, do you think I made it? Read along to find out what happened. In this post you, learn more about sewing your own knits and making time for your projects.