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The Simple Steps to Start Sewing : Lesson 3 The Best and Most Essential Tools for Your Sewing Kit

The hardest part when learning anything new is attaining an understanding of what are the best and essential tools and supplies that you need to work the craft. In today’s post, I give you a complete review and outline of machines and tools you MUST have in your sewing kit to start sewing and complete any project. 

In part 3 of this series you will learn :

  • Exactly what I consider to be a GREAT machine, and how to know if what you are purchasing is really going to help your sewing.

  • The 3 types of cutting tools I use for all of my sewing projects.

  • The types of needles and thread you need to buy for most projects.

  • Measurement, marking, and tools for correcting mistakes that you have to have to keep your project moving forward and looking great! This post is a frank and brutally honest look at what you need to begin your sewing and busts through a lot of common misconceptions about machines that set beginners back.