The Simple Steps to Start Sewing: Lesson 6 Develop a Pro Sewing Practice and Grow Your Skill Set

Alrighty- if you have been following along with this 6 part series, I bet you are ready to get started sewing right way. In our last lesson, I’ll walk you through pro level practice tips to help you learn from your sewing, avoid getting stuck, and organize your projects so you can focus on them from start to finish- even if you only have one day a week to practice your sewing. 

In today's lesson you’ll learn:

  • A process I learned in graduate school for managing projects and learning while doing from professional artists and educators.

  • The process I use as a busy business owner to stay on top of my personal sewing and complete my projects from start to finish.

This post will set you up to sew, and create a long term plan that will support your investment of time, energy and materials. The challenge of learning anything new is that questions and problems will arise- this post will outline steps that will keep you from getting stuck while staying excited about your new craft.

The Simple Steps to Start Sewing: Lesson 5 Gradually Stitching to Suddenly Designing Your Own Clothing

Let’s get inspired- a huge part of learning to sew is the time spent in actual practice. But what does that look like and how do you go from wanting to learn how to sew, to sewing some actual clothes? 

In today’s post, I share with you a case study- I taught my husband Paul Eastin how to refine his design and sewing skills, however, he actually started out sewing clothing as a teenager. In this interview you will learn : 

How to start sewing- using materials you have on hand and practice without spending tons of money.

How Paul went from throwing cloth under the machine and stitching it, to designing his own clothes.

You will get to know the both of us, and how we create clothing and design collections in a live radio interview where I talk about the development of Fair Fit and Paul shares his story of sewing and how he stays active and inspired. 

The Simple Steps to Start Sewing: Lesson 4 How to Buy the Right Fabric for Your Sewing Project

Let’s clarify one HUGE part of sewing that in the beginning can be very confusing- What kind of fabric are you supposed to buy? Learn the two most common fabrics you will sew, and how to make your own swatchbook! In Lesson 4 in this series, 6 Steps and Start Sewing you will learn: 

  1. The 2 kinds of fabric you will sew the most often.

  2. All about woven fabric and how to recognize it.

  3. An introduction to knit fabric and how to sew it.

  4. How to build your own fabric swatch book. If you are new to sewing, you need to read this post so you can get the right fabric for your projects. This post will get you started and help you build your own fabric swatch library!

The Simple Steps to Start Sewing : Lesson 3 The Best and Most Essential Tools for Your Sewing Kit

The hardest part when learning anything new is attaining an understanding of what are the best and essential tools and supplies that you need to work the craft. In today’s post, I give you a complete review and outline of machines and tools you MUST have in your sewing kit to start sewing and complete any project. 

In part 3 of this series you will learn :

  • Exactly what I consider to be a GREAT machine, and how to know if what you are purchasing is really going to help your sewing.

  • The 3 types of cutting tools I use for all of my sewing projects.

  • The types of needles and thread you need to buy for most projects.

  • Measurement, marking, and tools for correcting mistakes that you have to have to keep your project moving forward and looking great! This post is a frank and brutally honest look at what you need to begin your sewing and busts through a lot of common misconceptions about machines that set beginners back.

The Simple Steps to Start Sewing : Lesson 2 Investments You Need to Make BEFORE Learning How to Sew

Sewing for beginners can seem overwhelming when you’re just getting started… but in today’s post, I go over the investments you need to make BEFORE you learn to sew that will set you up for long-term sewing success.

In part 2 of the series you’ll learn:

  • The investments required to learn how to sew successfully…

  • The 3 critical paths to success in sewing… learning these concepts BEFORE you learn to sew will give you a HUGE head start!

  • Why you need to manage your sewing time… why you should set up a dedicated sewing space at home… PLUS an awesome way to use Pinterest for endless sewing inspiration!

The Steps to Start Sewing : Lesson 1 Know the Big Picture

Ready to learn how to sew but not sure how to get started or what’s really involved? In this six-part blog post series, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know to go from sew-so to sew-pro!
In the series you’ll learn:

  • Exactly what to expect when you learn how to sew — the challenges and frustrations AND the wins and rewards…

  • The investment of time and money required including all the tools and materials you need to get started…

  • How to find time during your busy life to finally learn how to sew clothes you’ll love to wear!

5 Reasons Why You Won’t Regret Learning How To Sew

Do you have too many hobbies? Trust me, I can relate. I spent my 20's trying to learn every possible practical craft I could in order to grow my art practice and clothing line. I was constantly in search of modalities that would allow me to make my work the as unique and distinctive as possible that eventually, I had a had a whole collection of craft skills. In this post, I discuss 5 ways that you will be able to use your new sewing skills beyond hobby and craft.