Do You Have Alterations?

I have a one night alteration workshop coming up in February, and while planning the course, I consider the best challenges that I can share with my students so that you can do your own alterations without having to run simple jobs to the tailor shop. I do a lot of very complex alterations in my studio work, and I have figured out a way using Persicope that I can show you some of them. Now you might not want to alter a ball gown yet- but, some of the tricks and tips that I use will help you with some of your own personal sewing and might show you another way that alterations are accomplished.


I love alterations because to accomplish really complex alts you have to reverse engineer the construction process. Its an awesome way to really learn about garment construction and learn methods to problem solve pattern and proportion. What I learn from my client alterations I apply to my patterns, and because I learn fit deliemas, I can make better garments and alter my patterns before I cut the fabric.

In this video that I recorded thru Periscope, I share with you my process for working with alterations. I do so many alterations, its hard to keep track of all the different types of garments that I have worked on. But now thru the Periscope app, I can share with you what I’m working on, explaining my process and showing you ways that I work with garments to change and make them fit my clients so much better.

In this video, I give you a peek into an alteration that I am working on, and share with you how I let out a garment without damaging the seams or tearing the fabric. Its pretty simple, but an effective use of the hands so that you can remove the stitches fast, without any holes!

There’s more of this to come, so please follow me on Periscope. I am using it to show you my sewing, and give you insights, tips, and tutorials while I work. And you can ask me questions during the live feed. 

The videos are saved for 24 hours so if you can’t catch them live, you can watch them later. I hope this will bring many helpful ideas for your sewing, and its a great way for us to get to know each other.

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