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Calling all Cardigan Lovers! Get Lovely and Layered by Making Your Own Knits.

It's cold out! Need an extra layer? Get ready to make this seasons trend- the long and lovely cardigan. I put myself to a time test on this one- how long does it really take to make a knitwear weekend project? I estimated an hour, do you think I made it? Read along to find out what happened. In this post you, learn more about sewing your own knits and making time for your projects. 

What Can You Do With a Serger? Customize your Sweaters, of Course!

I'm really into knit wear this year, I've been teaching it, making it, and customizing it all of 2014. I want you to love it too! Believe it or not, once you learn how to use a serger sewing machine, and learn some basic construction finishing for knits and stretch fabrics, it's a much faster and easier medium to sew than tailored wovens. In this 30 minute tutorial, I'll show you a few sweater hacks so that you can create your own customized knits.