Sewing For Fashion Design- Take a Look at my New Repurposing Method - Heirloom Repurpose

some sewists are sewing up A LOT of stuff. Are we wearing or using all of it? and what do we do if the answer is no? Sometimes its hard, just like clothing you buy at the store, not every item that we make really gets worn for a multitude of reasons. And its really hard to part with a me made- if you donate it, because it doesn't have a designer label, it can just get thrown in the "craft" heap. Sometimes they have sentimental value too, like the ones I'm about to show you.

In this post, I want to share with you a recent make, and a method that I devised called "heirloom repurpose." It is a practice of actually repurposing me mades that you no longer have use for, or never quite got worn, but still maintain significance that make it hard to part with them.

Make YOUR mark! Learn How to use Silkscreen and Print Your Own Images

I know you must be thinking- how can I learn silkscreen in just one night within 2 hours? The way I learned silkscreen was in art school, and we had a vacuum sealed light table, we would emulsify the screens, expose the screens, wash them out with a power washer in the work room- It was a big ordeal. In this post, meet the thermofax machine, and how it can make screens in minutes. Then, I'll show you some cool things you can make with silkscreen. 

Print + Patch part 2. Patchwork!

Print + Patch starts next week and to prepare for this class I've been printing lots of my own cloth and designing many fun patchwork experiments. In this post, check out how I use the scraps from my last project that I printed myself, in my own crazy color palate, with my own drawings, to design an interiors project. I'll show you how I speed patch too, batching all my tasks so that this project takes only an hour to make. 

Can't Find the Fabric You Had in Mind? Learn How to Make your Own

I'm doing a Print and Patch Workshop in March that you don't want to miss. When you know how to print your own patterns, you are no longer limited by what you can find at the store. Learning how to print your own fabric opens you up to beautiful possibilities in your clothing, interior design, and quilting. In this post, get a sneak peak at the process and learn more about this beautiful and inspiring process.