Repurpose - Deconstructing a Me Made Shirt

Sigh. It's one thing when you are decluttering a closet full of store bought clothes. But it's a whole other thing when you have an entire wardrobe of self sewn clothes! 

The other day I was telling my friend I have a conundrum. For the last few years, I've stopped buying clothes and when I want something new, I sew it up myself. And I have sewn a LOT of clothes, and not all of them ended up being favorites or making it to the monthly rotation. What do you do with self sewn clothes?? I've been striving to minimize how many objects are in my home, and I admit to having an over flowing closet. But donating a me made is not an easy thing. 

That's why I've committed to repurposing some of them and making them into new and updated garments. In this post and video tutorial, I'll show you how I took the shirt from this blog post and cut it down to make a Deer and Doe Melilot shirt. This shirt is a piece in my wardrobe that I'm always wearing and knew would be the best use of my fabric. The video will show you how I deconstruct a shirt for repurpose, and you can watch and learn how to deconstruct your own me mades or thrift store finds from fabulous fabric.

The Fair Fit Method - Repurpose - Deconstructing a Me Made Shirt

Section 1: Describe the overall design.

The process from the video:

  1. Grab a seam ripper, razor blade, and your scissors.

  2. Carefully and slowly remove the collar. Save it for the next project.

  3. Cut off the sleeves along the armhole seams.

  4. Cut along the shoulder seams.

  5. Cut along both side seams.

The Fair Fit Method - Repurpose - Deconstructing a Me Made Shirt

Now, go press all of your pieces to prepare for cutting. And the process I just demonstrated doesn't just apply to me mades, it can also be used on thrift store or ready to wear shirts that you want to make into a new design.

If you want to create your own custom self sewn clothes and like this way of learning, I want to invite you to check out my signature online courses, the Fair Fit Method. It is a series of online sewing and fashion design courses that will teach you how to create custom clothing for yourself that adapts to your personal shape and style. Using the Fair Fit pattern and the 6 core areas of focus - design, pattern, draping, check fit, sewing, and customization, you can create your own artistically and intentionally designed wardrobe using the step by step videos in each course. To learn more and read the full course descriptions visit the full website here: 

The Fair Fit Method - Repurpose - Deconstructing a Me Made Shirt
The Fair Fit Method - Repurpose - Deconstructing a Me Made Shirt