Advanced One on One Online Mentoring

Advanced One on One Online Mentoring


Do you want personalized mentoring in fashion design to help you grow your wardrobe sewing practice, or receive customized advice and approaches to your creative practice? 

These advanced mentoring sessions are designed for those of you who have an established creative sewing or design practice, but would like to learn methods and approaches to develop your unique perspective and practice of design. These lessons are perfect for:

  • Students who are developing a handmade wardrobe, but would like the clothes you are sewing to be designed for your body, lifestyle, and personality. I will walk you through the steps towards creating intentionality in your sewn garments, relying on conceptual design methods to help you identify your own language with the sewing pattern, color, and the cloth.
  • Students who want to learn how to convey their own design within a sewing pattern. Using the Pattern Hacking method, we will walk through the process of changing the pattern so that it reflects your own design.
  • Students who are stuck in their practice and would like help working with the fit of a specific pattern, approaches to patterns and their alterations, or need help choosing what types of patterns would be best suited for them.
  • Students who are designing a closet or a collection and would like guidance in production, design, and cohesion, so that what you design is meaningful to the story you want to convey, and that the clothes you make are compelling and unique to you.

In these sessions I share with you processes I use in my own artistic fashion practice, as well as the steps and questions I walk my students through in person. When you register, you will be asked to submit homework, writing, or sketches, prior to your lesson for me to personally review and expand upon during our lesson. If I feel one of my online fashion design workshops is suitable and is a prerequisite to your learning, I will advise that you register and watch the lesson prior to our session together. 

Each lesson is one hour, and we will use Skype to work together.  Included in the price of this lesson is the time I need to review your work, create plans, and prepare what's needed for your lesson and the questions you are asking.

Upon registration, you will be sent a link to my calendar so that we can schedule our time together.